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I see tiny cuts on my hands
Cuts from all the money i've had
Money that people have cried for
Money that people had died for
I want to burn it all away
Kill the greed & the need
What are we but dead faces on paper
Green is my least favorite color
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What is this madness!!!!

So I decided to reactivate this journal just to see if I could do it.
Low & behold sir_edrick is back. Funn because I deleted this contraption well over a month ago. Come to think about it, it was like a five months ago. Hmmmmmmmmm. Strange.

Workin it!

I went back to work yesterday & boy did I miss that place. I feel so much better now that I know im making money again. Money is important. Money is good for goods. Money is the root of all evil..... Oops! I forgot that Ogre held the Root of All Evil title.
But yeah, so Christian happy again. Soon i'll be back instep with my wholegood viberation thingy. YAY!
Still got some things to work through though like the wholr lonelness thing. & the rent thing. & the knee thing. I know I can fix the second one no problem. Well soon anyways.
Had a good time at the Vogue (Thanx Doug) got to dance to a good song (Juno Reactor - God is God) & many others that were played. I wish I was 100% though. I hate having to be careful on the dance floor. I just want to cut loose (Foot loose) & flail & go crazy & bounce around. Now the bouncing around part I can't do anymore. :( Which meand no more power noise dancing :( Cause even if I did dance carefully eventually I would get lost in the music & forget I was injured. That would be ouwy ouwy bad bad.
So yeah....
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Taking the bull by the ...Oops...horns!

So alot of people keep asking me when im going back to work which is understandable considering I keep complaining that I miss work. The doc hasn't given me a clear answer yet but today is yet another follow up visit & this time im TELLING him im ready to work.
I will get that doctors note releasing me back to work fully recovered even though im not. "But you need to stay off you knee" Yeah I also need to eat. "But you could permanently damage your knee" I probably already have. Im an idiot that can stay still.
When I hear the music I have to move accordingly. If my doc says no that I will pull my leg off & beat him with it! So thats it. I through sitting around gaining levels on Diablo II. Well not completely through. But im sure as damn hell through with not having money.
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