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sir_edrick's Journal

24 December
Time & energy is all we have.
admiral ackbar, adsr, akira, akira kurosawa, akira toriyama, amazons, and one, anime, antagonyst, apoptygma berzerk, asian women, assemblage 23, astronomy, beborn beton, bruce lee, capcom, capitol hill, cartoons, castlevania, cats, chinese food, chinese history, chinese warlords, chocolate milk, computers, converter, corran horn, dancing, danny elfman, darth vader, dead can dance, dengar, depeche mode, diablo 2, dragon ball z, dreaming, early ministry, eating, ebm, electro, family guy, fatal fury, feindflug, fictional, final fantasy, food, funker vogt, futurama, glis, gogeta, goku, haujobb, icon of coil, in strict confidence, industrial music, informatik, invader zim, irish women, jackie chan, japanese history, japanese warlords, jet lee, jhonen vasquez, jupiter, kagemusha, king of fighters, landscape body machine, lost civilizations, lost signal, lu bu, making people laugh, making people smile, manufactura, mars, martial arts, mentallo and the fixer, my friends, needle sharing, neuroactive, ninja, ninja scroll, noisex, noxious emotion, p.a.l., pierrepoint, power noise, project pitchfork, real people, rogue squadron, roman history, rpg's, samuri, samuri jack, san francisco, sanjuro, sci fi, seabound, seattle, seven samuri, skinny puppy, sleeping, snog, sonar, spektralized, squee, star trek, star wars, street fighter, suicide commando, swords, tall women, tau factor, tears for fears, tenchi, terminal choice, the bay area, the catwalk, the cure, the dust of basement, the galan pixs, the han dynasty, the history channel, the mercury, the pogues, the punisher, the simpsons, the tick, the vogue, tim burton, trigun, tron, tycho celchu, vegeta, vegeto, velvet acid christ, video games, vikings, vnv nation, wedge antilles, winterkalte, wolfsheim, wraith squadron, wumpscut, x-wing novels, x-wings, yojimbo